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Why choose one of our Japanese jackets?

Like many types of clothing Japan has its own personal touch and this is even more true for jackets. Garments like haori and yukata still worn today as traditional or casual clothing. In our collection of Japanese jackets we wanted to offer this unique variety that Japan can offer. No matter if you are looking for something streetwear or traditional, you will certainly find something for you. A choice according to your personality and your desire that we try to fill with quality clothing in several sizes. Japanese jackets often in limited editions. 

Here are the different jackets that we offer on our online store. 

Kimono Jacket: jacket inescapable in the culture of Japan, we propose you many styles of jacket kimono. Kimono cardigan with open front that you can wear quietly at home or during small outings. Or Japanese kimono jacket that you can wear every day as an everyday jacket. Thanks to pockets and thicker fabric. 

Bomber Jacket: also a must-have for connoisseurs, Japanese bomber jackets ensure a unique style. Thick and full of history, you will be delighted and proud to wear one of this Japanese style jacket everyday. Souvenir jackets that will last you a long time and represent Japan perfectly. Japanese embroidered jackets are a must for those who appreciate this style. 

Streetwear Jacket: to finish we wanted to mix what the Japanese streetwear could offer us. Between multicolored and kawaii jackets, you will find all styles of unique jackets. People who appreciate Japanese fashion will certainly find what suits them. On top of that with free shipping and great regular prices especially for limited edition jackets. 

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