Japanese Jackets & Coats

There is rarely a streetwear piece that exudes statement-making swag than a Japanese jacket or coat. Especially when it is designed in the famous streetwear meccas – Tokyo. This Japanese Jackets and Coats collection give you an extensive selection of different jackets and coat styles that are sure to find a place in your streetwear style. From the oversized and timeless Kimono style jackets to ultra-large and vibrant multicolor puffer jackets, here you will discover authentic urban pieces that will not only blend in your current style but also completely redefine it.

What’s amazing is that our collection features both minimalist and visually stunning jackets. When you want to go simple and classy you can check our Haori kimonos and Japanese style cotton yukata that are all about Japan’s minimalism and esthetics. While when you want to go full-eccentric and extravagant, there is our Japanese Hannya mask bomber jacket that features delicate illustrations. And for all of you that want to celebrate the vintage pieces and bring retro back in your streetwear collection, you can also discover retro windbreaker jackets, and block vintage jackets.    

No matter what you decide to go with, you can rest assured that each jacket is made of superior quality materials that give protection, warmness, and comfort. Our team of designers is specially dedicated to creating urban streetwear that will last you for years, if not decades. Now go, explore our Japanese coats and jackets and elevate your style to a new higher standard that will get you the highest compliments.