Japanese Pants

Every streetwear enthusiast deeply knows one thing. The streetwear swag is not complete without Japanese-style pants. There is something in their oversized and aesthetic cut that helps set you apart from everyone. The vibe when wearing these streetwear masterpieces just hits different. For that reason, our design team worked diligently to create an amazing variety of Japanese pants designs just so you can take your streetwear game to a new level. From traditional Hakama style pants that are oversized and have standard cut, to shorter and embroidered cropped pants, there is something for everyone in our Japanese pants collection.

When you want to go minimalist and fashionable pick the relaxing Japanese red-crowned bird ankle pants, while when you need to impress with urban delicateness and originality go with our Japanese buggy style pants that feature sleek urban art. And if you are specifically searching for an exquisite partner for your Yeezys and shoes in a similar style, you can’t go wrong with our Japanese cargo pants designs.

Explore all of the pieces in our collection and rest assured that they are all originally designed using the highest quality of garment materials to provide long-lasting wear. Even more, most of the Japanese streetwear styles are available in multiple sizes and color combos that will allow you to easily blend them in your current style and streetwear taste. Now stop reading and go find yourself an authentic Japanese pants piece before we go out of stock!

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