Demon Hawaiian Shirt

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Also call "Mononoke" and consider as supernatural monsters or spirits, the yokai 妖怪 are very important characters of the Edo period, today some demons are very well known in the world as "Hannya mask" and their spirits continue to be cited especially in the Shinto religion giving a large place to Japanese mythology and these many yokai spirits. This short sleeve woven button-down shirt honors this part of Japanese folklore and Kabuki theater with its demon print with two large horns on the whole fabric, a Hawaiian shirt with a regular fit that is very comfortable to wear and available in two colors pink and purple that perfectly matches the red color of this Japanese demon printed on the entire Hawaiian shirt. 

  • High-quality soft acrylic fabric. 
  • Screen printing made by Japanese designers.
  • Regular fit and neat seams, always comfortable. 
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
  • Free standard shipping worldwide. 
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