Harajuku Fashion Color Block Athletic Sneakers

$54.90 $54.90

An essential place during a trip to Japan for anyone interested in fashion trends in Japan, this famous area, which ranges from the Harajuku station to the "Japanese Champs-Élysées" Omotesando, has strongly influenced Japanese street fashion and allowed the emergence of many styles of clothing from the subculture beyond Shibuya borders.

Featuring a combination of 6 carefully chosen colors giving them a neat look with these blocks of colors with detailed seams and a wide white "wave" midsole giving even more charm to the shoe. These casual shoes from Japanese fashion are designed for people who want to add a unique touch and colors to their outfits.

  • Thick midsole for impact support.
  • Sneakers made by Japanese designers.
  • Lace-up closure with recessed eyelets.
  • Durable rubber-soled shoes.
  • Free standard shipping worldwide.