Japanese High Waist Harem Lightning Pants


If you are looking for a jaw-dropping pant made with style, this is the one. Our uniquely trendy Harem lightning pant has taken the internet by storm. Featuring a beautiful lightning logo design at the sides, this pant is set to make you unique and stylish in your looks. Nothing attracts attention as much as our glamorous-looking pants. This is just what you need for a casual day out, party, or even to the gym. Whatever you choose to wear it with, this pant will set the pace. The material and logo design of it is phenomenal and will not fade even after several washes. You are not just buying a pant, you are buying quality.

Features two side pockets that would allow you to keep your most valuable assets safely. This pant comes with a drawstring which will allow you to secure your pants to your waist safely. It’s polymer/cotton material will make sure you feel nice and cozy in it.