Kaiju Hoodie

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What if your hoodie is printed in your favorite Japanese film genre? You would surely go crazy and that’s the reason, this hoodie is here for you! Kaiju, the Japanese genre of films and televisions that features giant monsters attacking major cities, engaging the military, and creating an atmosphere of fear and threat This all concept is printed on the back of the hoodie. Monsters are in the city and it’s dark and cold and you have no option except to run away. How would you tackle that situation? Ok, come back to reality. This is not going to happen to you in real life. For all the kaiju lovers, this hoodie is the perfect ready-to-go item. Go and watch kaiju films with your friends and enjoy the monster hidden in you!

  • All our hoodies are made with premium cotton.
  • Screen printing made by Japanese designers.
  • Adjustable drawstring hood.
  • Soft fleece line interior, always comfortable.
  • Free standard shipping worldwide.

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