Sad Girl Hoodie

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Just like on a new day in your life, you get up in a new mood, new thoughts, and new aims. Give your sad day feelings to your hoodie and let it handle the things alone. Let your hoodie tell people not to mess with you the whole day around and enjoy your own company! Oh wait, You can also carry your ear pods, keys, phone, and many more small items in your hoodie’s pocket. This Japanese style hoodie will help you to communicate non-verbally when you do not feel like having verbal communication. Surely you're going to love these sad girl hoodies and that’s why they are made for, to be loved!

  • All our hoodies are made with premium cotton.
  • Screen printing made by Japanese designers.
  • Adjustable drawstring hood.
  • Soft fleece line interior, always comfortable.
  • Free standard shipping worldwide.

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