Vintage Blue Pullover

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Deciding what to wear for a casual outing with your friends? Here is the solution that will provide you comfort, warmth, softness, and luxury. You will surely look cool and distinct in this digital printed vintage blue pullover. The light and dark color theme makes it perfect for the days and night parties as well. The long sleeves offer great leisure. Wear this vintage blue pullover and look cool even when you need warmth. Yes, this sweater offers both. Coolness in your personality and warmth to your body! What an amazing way to personalize yourself in low temperatures! Moreover, the addition of white color makes it look pleasing to the eyes. So, don’t miss it!

  • All our pullover are made with premium cotton.
  • Screen printing made by Japanese designers.
  • Soft fleece line interior, always comfortable.
  • Free standard shipping worldwide.

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